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Alliance Wealth Management of WNY is an independent firm that offers comprehensive advice to individuals, families, and businesses. However, we are not only advisors, we are also business owners invested in our clients success. This structure provides a clear alignment of interests that allows us to effectively partner with every type of Client. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing independent, ethical, and unbiased professional guidance. Our unique process is goal based and comprehensive. We partner with you so that we can assist you in developing a financial road map to where you want to go.

Being an independent firm with no carrier or product bias allows us to analyze the marketplace rather than just one carrier, or a few carriers.

From there we can assist you in developing a financial road map to where you want to go. 

We cater to those who are serious about providing for their loved ones' futures, managing your assets so they meet your business and family's planning needs.

Call us today at (716) 240-5187 to discuss your needs; we also offer Video Consultations through Skype and Zoom at (716) 243-2300 we'll talk through your options and help you find the perfect road to your goals.

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One of the keys to our success is our unique method of program implementation which focuses on client and employee communication. Our team of Advisors make themselves accessible to the employees during group meetings, one-on-one sessions with each employee, and anytime a question presents itself after the open enrollment period has ended. We can use Virtual Methods of Contact also, wheather a Zoom or Skype Meeting. We have found that this level of contact with the employee’s results in greater understanding and appreciation of the benefits offered. Furthermore, our enrollment methods we offer are the most cutting-edge and technologically innovative in the industry. 

At Alliance Wealth Management of WNY, we have assembled a team that has the skills necessary to craft plans that meet each client’s unique goals and the wisdom to maintain and alter them as necessary.


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We are passionate and are committed to providing you with highest-quality services. From your legacy planning, business essential services, as well as estate planning. We possess the expertise and professionalism as well as the technical knowledge and licenses to conduct business with the public. 

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Jerry Polovnuk

26 September 2020

26 September


The TOTAL Wellness Program ​ We at Alliance Wealth Management of WNY believe in a simple equation: Health Education + Healthcare Cost Transparency = Savings FOR...
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